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Using apps has always been a passion of mine. Why?
You have an app for everything, you can automate everything and you can enjoy it you have apps to play games but you also have serious apps that you can do everything with

For the past 25 years, I have experimented with numerous apps. When I began to research how to effectively use these apps, I actually discovered a way to make money by testing them and provide feedback to the companies that build the apps. How fun is that?

Now I Want To Give Back.

After all these years I would like to help others. It is my passion of mine to make a positive difference in people’s lives. Apps are my passion and I want to help others learn how to make money by testing apps and sending feedback to the companies that build the apps.

AfterA Little Story About My Apps Live.

I work at the largest internet provider “Telenet”(telecom) in Belgium as a technical helpdesk employee. At work, I help customers with their apps on a daily basis and that is how the passion grew. I became an expert in testing and review apps.

It leads to perfection the more you play with apps

Apps are Nice and handy programs for your tablet computer or smartphone because you can do everything with it.

Apps are a kind of program. This allows you to install things that were not on your device by default. This was not possible in the past. If there was no clock on your device, you would, unfortunately, have had bad luck. At this time you just download an app and you get that clock anyway.

Have you ever heard the term “there is an app for that” In today’s society it is true? There is an app for just about anything because technologies are always changing Do you think it would be nice to get advance notice about newly developed apps before they are released to the public.

Now I want to help you “Get Paid To Test Out The Coolest New Apps”.

1. Beginner level (for those who have no knowledge of how to use apps, test apps and providing feedback to the companies that create the apps).

2. Intermediate level (for those that have a working knowledge of apps know how to use them and would like to get paid for testing new apps and providing feedback to the companies that build them).

3. Advanced level (for those who just need a list of companies that pays people to test their apps, how and where to sign up or register and are ready to begin making money right away).

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to email me info@getpaidtotestingapps.com


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