How To Earn Money By Taking Photos? Scoopshot Review!

At work, I often hear people talking about anything and everything. This time my listening ear noticed a story about how to earn money by taking photos?The name: “Scoopshot“, an app where you take photos which you can then automatically upload and submit to P2S Media Group Ltd. This ensures that they end up with the editors of Metro. If your photo is chosen, you will receive a reward very quickly!



Scoopshot is a result of modern society. Everyone has a cell phone, so why should it not be possible to use it? The application works very intuitively. You start the app and after a simple registration you are immediately presented with assignments that are served to you, taking into account the country in which you live.

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The name says it all, if you see or experience an important event, take a photo of it right away. This is an initiative called crowdsourcing and this can turn into a win-win situation for both the company and the person. Companies easily get hundreds of different photos from which they can choose the best. In addition, the individual with the winning photo takes money out with very little effort. Tip: an interesting photo is more likely to be chosen. In addition, it is often requested to have a minimum number of people in the photo.


In the Netherlands, Metro is the partner of P2S Media Group Ltd. and therefore your shot photos may appear in this newspaper. An assignment can differ from shooting a picture of the new spring sun to spotting a celebrity. The reward for the assignment differs from a few tens to € 70 to € 80, or a nice pocket money for everyone. Tip: photos of important or intense events are also greatly appreciated without the need for an assignment. This is obvious, since you are one of the first to know the news.


The interface is neat, simple and effective. No unnecessary information, a large button to be able to shoot the photo right away for the moment and below that 3 buttons: tasks, photos and me. When you press ‘tasks’ the assignments are immediately shown to you and if you still want to shoot a photo there is also an icon in the upper right corner of the action bar. This button is immediately available in every screen of the app, which is a smart decision from Scoopshot. The photo button leads you to your photo collection that you have taken with the application. It is also possible to Scoopshot1import photos from your normal photo collection. You can do this easily by pressing the menu button and then choosing import. Tip: photos may not be more than 48 hours old, after which they lose their topicality. You can also use the ‘me’ button to enter the menu where you can choose whether you receive a notification when there is a new assignment, what information you have entered on your profile and whether they can publish your name under your shot. Here you can of course also adjust your profile or log out if necessary.

Earn money

When you register with Scoopshot you are not immediately asked for your financial details. These are only necessary if your photo is actually selected. If you really have a photo that is newsworthy and also looks perfect, it goes as follows.

Assuming that you have taken a photo without immediately selecting an assignment, it can be found in your Scoopshot collection. Press the photo and then you can choose to send it as a special news photo or to submit it for an assignment.

After this, you go through a number of steps which you have to complete in order to hand in the photo. First, if it is a special news photo, you will have to determine your price which you think the photo is worth. If this is not the case then you will have to choose for which assignment the photo is intended.

After that, in both cases you will have to provide the location where the photo was shot, you can enter the address manually if necessary. In addition, you will be asked for a description, possibly for a category and a confirmation of your data. You can then send it and, if you wish, also share it on Facebook.

Tip: if you press the menu button, you can press FAQ (frequently asked questions). It contains all kinds of tips, but unfortunately it is in English.


The person at work said that he had earned € 50 a few days ago. You would think a nice extra, but this has been a lucky one. Your photo will really have to stand out, think of composition, news value, color, etc. Yet I recommend it to everyone, because who doesn’t like to find his or her photo in the newspaper? An easy and intuitive application that does exactly what it should do and nothing more. Try it out and let us know if you were lucky.

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You are a big online shopper like myself. I hope you enjoyed this review and if you have any questions about how to make money by taking photos of want To leave your OWN personal, review leave a comment below.



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  1. I found this interesting because I never knew a person could make cash with their pictures. I wonder if this is available in the US? curious?  There is a little more work to do to make it complete. How do you make money on this site?.Are you paid from Scoopshot or all of the adds on the side, which I didn’t even notice at first. And knowing nothing about kids toys the Dash bot intrigued me but left me scratching my head. Maybe more info from a novice point of view. Technology is in everything these days. And cameras are every where. There is no such thing as private any more.That’s not your fault. The only knowledge I have is trying to take nice picture of my paintings to post on my site. I just have a point & shoot with minimal adjustments.

    • Hello and thanks. To answer your question. After the Buyer has delivered his payment for the Photo to Scoopshot, the payment will be shown on the Seller’s personal user account on the Service. The Seller may request payment to be made when the balance of his / her personal account exceeds 50 USD.

      Best wishes.

  2. Hi. I have never heard of scoopshot before reading your article today. 

    Everyone has a mobile phone theses days, and they are constantly taking photos with them,  so it makes sense for people to want to sell them on and try to make some money from it. 

    This sounds like a way to make easy money and that suddenly starts to ring alarm bells for me. 

    I know you mentioned that you photo needs to be of an exceptional quality to be accepted and make you some pocket money, but are then any upsells or other catches I need to be awair of before i join and attempt to sell my photos?

    Thank you for sharing this information with me. It is definitely something I will be looking into. 

     using the apps from my phone to make some money  

    Best wishes.  

    • Hello and thank you for reading my article. Every time your photo is sold you get paid. It is very easy to download the app and then take pictures.

      Best wishes.

  3. Awesome post. This is the first time I heard about Scoopshot, it seems like a wonderful idea for everyone to earn legit money. I’ll surely try it out. Is it available to all countries in this the world? Do they pay only on Euros? 

    Information provided by you is in depth and to the point. It saves a lot of time and efforts to know more about this app, before making use of it. I saw other interesting articles as well in your website, I’ll surely have a look on them, as well. 

    Thanks a lot for sharing this useful article. It is useful for everyone, indeed. 

    • Hi thanks for your comment. Anyone can join. You don’t need to be a professional photographer. Most of the buyers are looking for everyday people doing everyday things.

      Have fun with photo shooting.

  4. Good for your work mate, he earned money from using that photo app. I’m sure this will encourage many others to try the app, too. If it weren’t for my offline shop, I would have spent my days traveling and taking pictures for my planned travel blog. And alongside with it, I may try making money with Scoopshot like your friend is doing. I heard there are other sites that provide similar opportunity to photography hobbyists, but this Scoopshot looks very legitimate as it is associated with Metro. Thanks for sharing this, and when I’m free, I may try working with them also, making money taking photos.

    • Hey and thanks for your comment. Traveling and taking photos is a dream of many people. Scoopshot has been around since 2011 and they are very correct and reliable. I just use the app for fun and it’s fun.

      Best wishes


  5. Great article, thanks.

    All of us are constantly looking for ways to supplement our main activities, as diversity enables reliability. I had heard of and investigated similar apps to this, but all of them have been in relation to drone footage. Being from the UK, the chances of making this a viable way of earning a little extra are very limited.

    It was quite a revelation to read of a task related app for normal phone pictures, and a very welcome one at that. I will be taking part as soon as I have written this review,

    Your article was very well researched and delivered in a captivating wasy.


    • Hi indeed we are all looking for ways to earn something extra. You always have your cell phone with you and taking a picture every now and then can be very easy. I’d say just photograph. Thank you for your comment and best wishes.

  6. There was an app (I cant remember the name) that was very similar to this that I joined and started taking/uploading photos for people to buy. After a year none of my pictures were chosen so I deleted the app. This seems kind of similar. You made a good point in that your photos really need to stand out to be chosen, but could be lucrative if you are a good photographer. If photography is a hobby then this could be a great app to use. Im going to share it with some of my friends. Thanks for the post!

    • Hey thanks for your comment. If photography is your hobby you can upload many photos. I think it has a lot to do with luck! They have a choice of millions of photos so it must be a very special photo.

      Best wishes.

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