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The complex world of mobile apps.

The world of mobile devices is a world with many faces. The mobile devices were the first extensive telephones.

Now they are smartphones and smart TVs, we will soon be driving a “smart car” with our mobile apps and our house full of smart meters and we will use various wearables on an Apple iWatch. The mobile apps on these devices offer much more functionality than a website and are also more dynamic


Mobile is HOT and that’s a good thing! But how do you ensure that your users with multiple operating systems and thousands of different devices enjoy your app optimally, always and everywhere ?!


Testing mobile applications is a process in which different devices with different operating systems (and versions) are tested for functionality, user-friendliness, and consistency. We test your mobile app on the basis of automated and manual tests. In addition to testing mobile apps on smartphones, testing apps for ” wearables ” is also an interesting process. Bluetooth, GPS, sensors, and Wi-Fi are some features that can offer extras. It is also important to test your app in the field, to define user focus and to look at the areas in which hardware and software must work closely together.


1. Functional testing: ensuring that the app works according to the requirements.

2. Performance testing: checking the behavior of the app under certain circumstances.

3. Memory testing: can the allocated memory manage the performance of the app?

4. Interruption testing: such as incoming calls, battery removal, network outages,etc.

5. Usability testing: are goals achieved and do users respond positively?

6. Installation testing: is this running smoothly and without difficulties?

7. Security testing: vulnerability check such as hacks, authentication, data security, etc.

8. Location testing: connectivity changed with the network and the user’s location.

9. Compatibility testing: how does the app work on older operating systems and to what extent is the app compatible?

10. Load testing: long loading time can cause crashes, so we also assess the app’s backend and underlying used platforms/source code.


A good external testing strategy is necessary to discover insight and bugs that have been missed during the alpha testing. The poorly launched launch of your app or new functions can damage your reputation.Appcoinerimage

In this article, we have identified various tools that can help you distribute your app and collect explicit and implicit feedback from your app beta testers.

Beta testing has little meaning if developers are unable to obtain good information about crashes and bugs. It is therefore important to find out which screens work or not.



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  1. Thank you very much for the very informative article. There is a lot to consider when launching a new app, I understand. Most of us may not think about all of this, and may lose many customers because the app doesn’t work optimally.

    So yes, I agree with you that a good remote test strategy is needed to find bugs that we have overlooked or not seen during the alpha testing phase. The tools you have provided in the article will be nice to get the right and proper feedback from the beta testers for the app.

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