The Samsung Galaxy S10 Review – Which One Should You Buy?


The Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10 Plus are two smartphones full of technical highlights, from ultrasonic fingerprint scanners to triple cameras. You can read how you like it in this Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus review.

Compare the Samsung Galaxy S10 with the S10 Plus

The Samsung Galaxy S10 and the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus are the top models from the S10 series. These two cell phones look a lot like each other, but the S10 Plus has a number of unique features. In this comparison between the Samsung S10 and the Samsung S10 Plus, you remain exactly what kick the bucket differences are

Samsung Galaxy S10

• 128 GB storage capacity

• 6.1 inch Quad HD screen• Android 9.0 Pie894in stock

• With the three rear cameras, you can take sharp photos in every situation.http

• The unique design with camera hole gives the S10 its own unique appearance.

• Store apps, music, and photos on the 128 or 512 GB memory.

• Due to the smaller battery, the S10 is empty earlier than the S10 Plus

De Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

The Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Galaxy S10 Plussamsunggalaxy1

• 128 GB storage capacity

• 6.4 inch Quad HD screen

• Android 9.0 Pie973in stock

• With 5 cameras in total, you always take sharp photos

.• The unique design with camera hole gives the S10 its own unique appearance.

• With 128 GB, 512 GB or even 1 TB of storage you always have enough memory space.

• Unfortunately, you cannot insert a memory card and an extra SIM card at the same time

The “camera hole” is better than the “notch”.

I didn’t really have a problem with the “notch”, the notch at the top of the screen with the latest iPhone and many Android devices. But if I have to choose, I think a camera hole will look better.

The gap in the display is barely noticeable in practice because there are still pixels to be seen around. Therefore, you have the idea that the screen just continues. And the icons in the notification bar simply move slightly to the left.

The screen is fantastic, just like with previous Galaxy models.

Samsung makes the best OLED screens in the world and the Galaxy S10 is proof of that. However, it is not a major improvement over the Galaxy S8 or S9.

You get the same 1440p resolution as previous Galaxy phones (although the default setting is 1080p, as with earlier Galaxy models). Samsung has done something about the color reproduction of the screen, which according to many was too saturated. The S10 is standard on the “natural” mode, which provides a slightly more realistic color reproduction.

The display supports HDR10 +, the latest standard to show films and series as realistic as possible. HDR stands for High Dynamic Range and is one of the most important developments in the field of screens in recent years.

But then the content must be made for HDR10 +, and that offer is still scanty at the moment. And I don’t understand the hype of HDR with video anyway. I tried to discover why it would look better than video without HDR, but I didn’t succeed. Maybe I’m just HDR blind.

The Galaxy S10 runs nice and smooth with the newest processor and the new One UI from Samsung

The Galaxy S10 performs like any new phone with the latest processor should do. It is fast and smooth to use and when switching between different apps.

I’ve also noticed fewer hitches than with previous Galaxy phones. That may well be due to the large 8 GB of RAM that is standard on the S10 and S10 Plus.

Moreover, the new One UI interface from Samsung is pleasant to use and a lot clearer than the earlier Android software from the South Koreans. The question is how fast Samsung is with updates because they don’t have such a good reputation at that point

Samsung has not been able to reinvent the battery, so there is little else to say about the battery life than it does.samsung galaxy

The battery life of the Galaxy S10 is fine by current standards. With the device, you get day two without too many problems, especially if you use the default setting of 1080p, and wallpapers with a lot of blacks so that the screen does not consume too much energy. You also extend the battery life by putting the S10 in night mode.

I kept an average of 30 percent battery over 24 hours after a charge with normal daily use.

You can charge the Samsung Galaxy S10 wireless – and you can use it to charge other devices, such as the Galaxy Buds.

The Galaxy Buds are the wireless earbuds that Samsung has developed. You can charge them by placing them in a box. And you can recharge that box wireless by placing it on the back of the Galaxy S10.

That is not very fast, so at home, you will probably place the box on a charging mat or charge via USB-C. But if you ever have empty Galaxy Buds along the way, this is a way to breathe new life into the earbuds.

It is an application that you may never use, but that does not make the Galaxy S10 worse either. At least it’s nice to have.

The camera is amazing. I love the new wide-angle lens from Samsung.


As usual, the latest Samsung phone takes great photos and the new wide-angle lens on the back is fantastic.

As a test, I always first made normal photos and then captured the same scene with the wide-angle lens – with good results every time.

The wide-angle lens is not my standard camera, because of the slight “visage effect”, where the image edges distort and the photo becomes spherical.

Yes or No

There is much new to the Galaxy S10 from Samsung, with which the S10 really feels like an improvement over the previous Galaxy S phones, and much less like a minor update like the S9 compared to the S8.

All in all, the Galaxy S10 is a real Samsung phone with a familiar formula, plus a number of extras and updates that make a big difference. And that’s good news.

You get one of the best designs and screens in the smartphone world and the wide-angle lens is a great new feature that previous Galaxy phones didn’t have. And the regular camera is also very good.

One of the main disappointments at the moment is the fingerprint scanner, which is difficult to use because there are few visual clues where you should press your thumb.

It is also unfortunate that Samsung does not have a wide-angle lens built in as a second camera on the front, but opts for a depth sensor.

But despite those setbacks, the Galaxy S10 still gets a clear yes from me.


Samsung Galaxy S10 128GB+8GB RAM SM-G973F/DS Dual Sim 6.1″ LTE Factory Unlocked Smartphone (International Model No Warranty) (Prism Green)

Price: $779


The Galaxy S10 shows that Samsung is still very strong when it comes to its flagship products. The screen is world-class, the chipset extremely powerful and the cameras shoot excellent photos. However, some changes that Samsung is making this year are more gimmicks than actual improvements. The fingerprint scanner on the back had worked better, and the two extra lenses are not nearly as strong as the primary model.

If you buy the Samsung Galaxy S10, you buy a device that is very well finished. It is the smartphone of a company that is already at the top, a company that has (rightly) confidence in its own abilities. But it is also a company that should not rest too much on its laurels in the coming period. Let us hope that next year Samsung will not only be working again with gimmicks, but it will also surprise you with the best night photos, the very best battery, and improved security. Then you know for sure that Samsung will be at the top next year.

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