The Big Book of Apps Today – Your Nerdy BFF’s Guide to (Almost) Every App in the Universe

The Big Book of Apps Review

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About The AuthorBeth ziesenis

Beth Ziesenis

Meet letter of the alphabet Z, your own personal Nerdy succor. She’s keeps up with all the new on-line applications and downloads that may facilitate your seem like you’re operating with a team of promoting, pc and productivity consultants, whether or not you suffer from a shrinking workers and a disappearing budget.

Beth likes to share her tools on-line via the web log and in the flesh at shows. And she’s even been familiar to share sometips over cupcakes and occasional.

Beth Ziesenis is associate author, speaker, promoting analyst and complete school geek. Since her initial commissioned naval officer sixty four pc, letter of the alphabet has been fascinated with technology and pc shortcuts that build people’s lives easier.

From her home base in sunny port of entry, California, letter of the alphabet helps pc users everywhere the country filter through thousands of apps, gadgets, widgets and doodads to seek out the right free and cut price technology tools for business and private use.

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Beth Surmont

Continually impress my boss, my team, my friends, my family, and even strangers with my knowledge of cool apps and tools that make life easier. My secret – The Nerdy Best Friend. The book is well-organized, easy to read, and full of tips that will make you the next superstar of your office or home. Video, translation, thank you cards, design, travel, fun stuff – there’s an app for everything and Beth knows them all! I appreciate how she is straightforward in her reviews, and even tells you how to troubleshoot and what to avoid. I have even given them as gifts to my team and the people I mentor, so they have the insider tips as well. If you know nothing about apps – this is the book for you. If you are an app pro – this is the book for you. Sit back and enjoy your newfound fame and free time.
Easy and fun to read, this book is a great resource for people who want to find the right apps for their needs. SO much better than searching through hundreds of similar apps to find the best one. have found several apps that I use consistently through Beth and this book.

Young Mensan BookParade

A valuable resource that allows for quick access of a variety of subjects. This book does not pretend to be the one source you need, but it does answer many questions you might have about which app is best for a variety of topics such as travel, time management, news sources and more. A quick and easy read that gives you honest information about the apps you can use online.


My long-time retired Chair of the Department had an adage – “Invention is the mother of necessity”. Indeed, how could we exist throug the last two million years without apps? There must have been one describing an algorithm how to hunt cave bears or romance the woolly mammoth. So the Big Book of Apps seemed like the ultimate necessity. In the beginning I was disappointed. I was looking forward for an in depth review of hundreds, nay thousands of apps with pointers which might suit this particular reader. What you get is an abbreviated glimpse into two-three apps in each category, as defined by the author. After thumbing (virtual, of course) through the book I realized that it gave me a extremely basic overview of what kind of apps are there, in the app-space. Though the business ones do nothing for me, and I like my desktop and calendar cluttered, and the ones I need (stats for example) greatly under-represented, some were a pleasant surprise. I pounced like a vulture on addware blocking app and installed forthwith the one suggested by the guru (well, it did NOT block all ads, so truth in advertising?). With all proper caveats – a useful starter to be followed by one’s own blood, sweat, and tears to get the right app.


The Big Book of Apps: Your Nerdy BFF’s Guide to (Almost) Every App in the Universe by Beth Ziesenis
After returning from a trip I glanced through this to see what and how other apps would’ve helped us in our journey from RI to OH.
Lots of contributors and a note on how to use this book.
Book can’t stay up to date as hundreds of new apps are always being released daily.
You have to kind of know what it is you’re in the field to do. Found it very cluttered with all the reviews from others along with summary of the app.
Liked travel ones especially as we use them often to spot delays or accidents on the road.
Like health ones also as we chart our miles walked per day, biking and swimming along with sleep, rem even.
Like section on how to store videos and photos-should be NO reason why after a disaster one loses it all. So many different places an image can be stored off site.


Beth Ziesenis does a wonderful job with this app reference book. Being an admin, I am constantly searching for new, more efficient methods of doing things for the people I support and for myself. There are several apps mentioned that I already use, yet Beth shared additional features these apps have. The book is bursting with all types of truly useful info about various apps and the wording is as if you are chatting with a friend or colleague. There is none of that annoying verbiage that has a reader/consumer spending more time deciphering an author’s meaning rather than focusing on the item(s). This book is a fun read. I purchased this book in October 2017 and even today I am still using it!Helpful


As always, Beth Z knocks it out of the park. Any one of these apps is more than worth the cost of the book – all told, this is an indispensable guide on how to make life flow easier – and one that you can bring to your team in the office. Beth’s insight mixed with her humor will make this book a reference tool you look forward to accessing daily.


Caroline L.Lane

This is the second book I have gotten from Beth. I have saved so much time and money and learned so much from her. I don’t have to search for an app I need to do a certain function, I just go to her book because she has already done it for me! I saw Beth present at a Conference several years ago and she was sensational!! If you ever need a speaker, who is entertaining and full of great information and tips, you need to book her. I have enjoyed both of her books, and they have supplied me with many shortcuts to the perfect App I needed. Thank you Beth, my Nerdy Best Friend!

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The Big Book of Apps is the guide you’ll need to keep around your work area at work as a snappy reference for finding only the privilege application at simply the opportune time

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