Wonder Workshop Dash Robot – Coding And Robotics For Kids

When I originally found out about Wonder Workshop Dash Robot and read the Dash Robot audits, I was doubtful. Will a 5-year old even utilize a toy robot? What amount can a toy robot show a youngster coding or programming?

The appropriate responses are: yes thus, with an additional accentuation on the two answers! We have been utilizing the Dash Robot for some time and I am very amped up for what it can do and how my kids use it!


  • Standby time: Up to 30 days.
  • Battery: Built-in rechargeable lithium ion
  • Charging: Via Micro USB to the computer system or power adapterDash
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth Smart 4 / LE
  • Maximum speed: 3.3 ft/sec (Dash)
  • Head rotation (Dash): 25° (up), 10° (down), 120° (left), 120° (right)
  • Playtime: Up to 90 min

Wonder Workshop Review: What Is Dash Robot?

Dash is marginally littler than 7 centimeters and takes after three balls connected to a body with a head above it. It is made of blue plastic with orange features. There is little to the stationary appearance to show that it is a somewhat muddled robot; that possibly turns out to be clear when it is exchanged on and the 12 white led that make up the desolate eye light up.

In the event that you turn Dash, you’ll see two vast wheels at the front and one little at the back, giving it a genuinely flexible scope of development. It likewise contains three mouthpieces, a speaker, four infrared transmitters, three remote sensors, and two robot collectors. The ears and the spot on the chest are RGB led that can change shading, and it has red backlights.

The secret to make Dash look is the manner in which it moves and talks. It has a constrained vocabulary of charming discourse, and it can make an assortment of sounds. It can likewise hear and react to snags and different items around it. My 5-year-old child was quickly sold on the possibility this was a delicate animal – however, he has step by step turned out to be less loosened up since he has taken in the restrictions of Dash.

Wonder Workshop Review: Very Good Learning Toy

In contrast to some programmable robots, similar to the Meccanoid. Dash and Dot come prepared to happen of the container. There is no structure prerequisite. Basically, charge for a bit utilizing the Micro USB charger and switch them on. They promptly react and begin to associate.

Anyway, it is vital to take note of the robots to require a portable or tablet to play and program, and it merits checking whether you have a good gadget for them. We’we want to test Dash and Dot out on some prominent tablets and gadgets and will post again in more insight concerning that.

Tragically, our iPad was simply excessively old (the robots uses Bluetooth Smart 4/LE availability) yet they worked with my Android portable.

Wonder Workshop Review: What’s In The Box

  • Dash robot
  • Dot robotdot
  • Two building brick connectors
  • Charging cable
  • Quick start guide

Wonder Workshop Review: Dash & Dot The Robots

Wonder Workshop Dash and Dot are the most lovable bots. They don’t have a humanoid shape but these bots appear to be the most life-like robots. In spite of the adorableness and reproduced eye flickers, there are minds underneath the excellence here. They are elusive programmable robots for children ages as youthful as 5.

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is a program that can be downloaded onto children’s iPad s so they can without much of a stretch make programs for Dot and Dash. Both can be fun companions just as valuable work area pets. Spot or Dash can be modified to do boundless things, from fundamental development, to get objects, to recount stories, to adhere to complex arrangements and guidelines. You may get them to state “alright” with a moan or even wheezes in the event that they have been disregarded. With visual programming, there is a low floor yet a high roof for coding with Blockly, an intuitive programming language that snaps together like riddle pieces. Children will get the hang of programming ideas as they play. My 5 years of age was interested to see the bots turn, run and screech with his very own coding.

Speck and Dash can work delightfully in a gathering situation. The best time is to be had when youngsters are thinking cooperatively and concocting new thoughts on how to manage it and how to accomplish the objectives. Dash and Dot are much increasingly fun with additional items. Play a melody on Dash’s Xylophone, take recordings utilizing the cell phone mount, include LEGO® blocks with the Brick Connectors and the sky is the limit from there.


Those cute programmable robots with identities are amusing to play with and can start children’s inventiveness and interests in programming. What would you be able to request more from a toy?

Wonder Workshop Review: The Accessories

As I referenced we obtained the Wonder Pack which incorporated every one of the adornments in addition to we got the Launcher for nothing on an uncommon offer. Every one of the adornments packs is accessible to buy independently so you can develop your accumulation after some time. They are all around made and fabulous hues. The frill clicks in effectively in their roundabout spaces on the robot’s heads. My 5-year-old can without much of a stretch clasp them on and evacuate them.

Wonder Workshop Review: There’s A Dash Application For Each Age Gathering, Learning a Level, And Play Style

Go AppGo App

Investigating the robot’s lights, sounds, sensors, and developments, Go is the initial step to becoming acquainted with all that Dash can do.



Path App

With Path, kids begin with the basics of mechanical autonomy and coding before they can peruse


Blockly AppBlockly

Blockly presents propelled ideas of coding through perky undertakings and riddles.!

Xylo App

Lead a melodic act for family and companions utilizing Dash’s Xylophone. Change your most loved tunes or channel your internal Beethoven to make your own tunes without any preparation.

Wonder Workshop Review: Pros, and Cons


Bunches of fun
Really instructive
Simple to get to grasps with
Gathering action


Very costly
Absence of applications
Very little substance

Wonder Workshop Review: Price/Quality

This robot is costly and this is its enormous blemish. It is $279,99 USD relying upon the site you are visiting.

On the off chance that you have two youngsters, it is practically progressively beneficial to promptly purchase the pack with Dash and Dot (sort of younger sibling of Dash), including all embellishments for 300 USD.

In our present society, writing computer programs is a piece of fundamental information and it is constantly simpler and energizing to learn by playing.workshop

So this robot appears to me to be perfect for youngsters today. Additionally, it is vigorous and actually simple to utilize.

Wonder Workshop Review: Conclusion

This toy is unquestionably worth the cash. Since Cue CleverBot’s customizing capacities are propelled, it won’t get old rapidly. This is a real learning toy, one that shows a genuine aptitude, however, it does it in a hasty manner.

While the objective age is 11+, I could see more established children and teenagers getting into the programming angles. For a youngster who doesn’t get keen on the coding, the robot is as yet amusing to play with, however, the genuine esteem is in the coding. In case, you’re simply searching for a toy that will vroom around, you don’t have to burn through $300, yet on the off chance that you need to learn, this is justified, despite all the trouble.


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Nelly Peeters


  1. A friend of mine bought his 5-6 year old boy a programmable robot, and he had an absolute blast learning how to program it, and was so proud of himself when he could get it to do new things. The Dash robot looks really cute and charming, and I agree with you, it is completely and unquestionably worth the money!

    • Thank you, Josie, for the comment. It is fun to play with the Wonder workshop robots. If you have any questions just shoot.

  2. Awesome article Nelly. I’m glad that I found out this article today as I was planning for a birthday gift for my niece, she is 8 year old. Is it ok for this age group?

    Your analysis is detailed and complete. Not left with many questions. Product seems to be super cool. Wish I had used them during my childhood but they weren’t available back then.

    Thank a lot for sharing this wonderful article. Keep up the good work.

    • Hey friend, thank you so much for the comment. It is really fun to learn to code with this workshop. It is indeed also for the 8-year-old learning group. your niece is going to have fun. Congratulations for her birthday and if you have any questions just ask me!

  3. Wow! It is crazy how far they have come with learning apps for kids.                                                                                        

    This was definitely not available when I was a child, yet we had leap frog so I definitely don’t have anything to complain about! I think this is great though– to entertain kids by also teaching them. Interactive programs like this can be so fundamental for them while they are young. 

    I have never thought technology was bad, and this is the perfect example as to how it is doing so much good! I see you wrote about it teaching kids how to code– these are tools that I was never taught in school. I think schools should be reevaluating their curriculum and teaching kids these basic but very important tools to excel in life outside of school. 

    Thanks for sharing,


    • Hey, Ciara, Thank you for the comment. And yes it is really fun to learn to code with Wonder Workshop Dash Robot.

      If you have any question about just aks!

  4. Not to sound rude, forget the kids, I want a dot and dash LOL. That is so cool. What I would have done for something like that when I was kid! I just love how it stopped when mom was carrying the laundry and the response it gave. That gave me a chuckle. I would have so much fun with that thing, would also like to see my dog’s reaction to it. This article was too much fun, I felt like a kid again watching it. I think the parents would have a blast with those toys as well. Truly, showing us the direction of AI we are heading in. It is an exciting time to be alive.

    • Hello thank you for your comment on my site. I want a Dash and Dot to. Really cool stuff.

      If you ever need more information you just have to ask.

  5. I actually like this idea! Would of never thought of it buts cool, I’m a big gamer so this is me and my kids!

    • Hello William, thank you For your comment. It’s great to play with Dash & Dot. If you have any questions you know where to find me.

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